About Us


Our goal is to link resources, offenders and community through faith and the concept of community for the purpose of helping and supporting each other to build faith and develop a stronger sense of community.


Linking Community Resources

We work towards linking community resources for individuals in need and those being released from prison. This includes referrals for housing and needed resources.

Transition Support

We can provide transition support for individuals being released from prison, drug court and recovery programs. We can provide transportation, encouragement, connections and may stand with you in court and parole hearings.

Recovery Groups

“Victory Over Sin” is a support group: a fellowship and accountability meeting for individuals who wish to strengthen their Christian walk. We meet weekly on Tuesday and Wednesday from 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm at our office located at 3217 W. Overland Rd. These meetings are open to all who suffer from any type of addiction, personal sin, or simply need to connect with others in an accountability setting. Meetings are open to both men and women. Meetings respect each others anonymity, confidentiality and what is shared in group.


We work with Idaho Department of Corrections to provide a resource class for offenders who will be released soon. This gives offenders a contact point and information on housing, resources and local churches. We may also be able to connect individuals with mentors to help with the transition period. Also, we provide a Resource Guide for offenders which lists resources specifically targeted to this offender community.

History of IMSI

IMSI Hope Community Phase II began in January 2011 as a Facebook site to acknowledge the men, volunteers and staff who were involved in an experimental program at Idaho Maximum Security Institution. At the time, it was a unique approach to Faith Based Programs in corrections nationwide. It was modeled after the Therapeutic community learning environment. Its tenure was from December 2006 to September of 2009. Dozens of volunteers representing churches in the Treasure Valley participated. The principle force behind it were Ken Solts (Chaplain IMSI) and Michael Johnson (Deputy Warden IMSI).

IMSI HOPE COMMUNITY PHASE II can also be found on facebook as well as Instagram and Youtube.

Correspondence can be directed to:

Address: 1775 W. State St., #191, Boise, Idaho 83702

Phone: 208-629-8861